Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hello there!

Thank you for purchasing our Frozen Tapa! :)

At The Good Tapa, we pride ourselves with our no marination process of Tapa, however, for those who would like to take home some tapa; we've made an exception and now serve The Good Tapa frozen goods.

Here are the quick steps in cooking your tapa!

  • Before anything! Give ample time to thaw the frozen tapa. This way you won't have difficult in cooking.
  • Prepare your skillet/pan and ad 1 teaspoon of oil. We have no preference of oil for this, however, using coconut oil or olive oil may have a slight change in taste to the tapa. The beef has natural oils which will serve as oil for your pan. Too much oil will make your tapa greasy!
  • Place your pan on medium fire and cook the thawed tapa. Cook only for 2-5minutes.
  • Stir the beef until it is brown and the sauce has thickened.
  • Some would prefer their tapa crispy, and our mixture if soy base, over cooking will make the sauce and beef salty. You can adjust the salty taste by adding water or sugar to the pan while cooking.
  • Once done, it's time to plate your tapa! You may add more condiments to your liking. We suggest pairing it with sunny side up egg, garlic rice and garnished with green onions!

Have a Good Tapa day!


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